Our History


‘We have always prided ourselves not only on our cheeses and dairy products, but also on our relationships’

The founder of Penn cheesE

Eldore Hanni, a second-generation Swiss immigrant who was born in the upstairs room of an old cheese plant and began making specialty cheese as a teenager.

1970’s - Baby Swiss is born

In the early 1970s, Eldore landed at the Carr Cheese factory in Cuba City, WI and began working on a recipe of Baby Swiss. When demand exceeded production space, Hanni took his apprentice, Tom Weber, and relocated to Pennsylvania, teaming with Amish locals to establish a cheese-making facility.

1979 – plant opens

The plant opened on May 8, 1979 under the name Dry Valley Cheese. 100% of the company’s fluid milk supply comes from farms within a 100-mile radius of our Winfield plant.

1990 – Penn Cheese

Penn Cheese Corporation was officially formed in 1990 and continued to make high quality cheese after Eldore retired from the company.

2013 – local support

In July 2013, Penn Cheese was forced to close and stop production because of its inability to upgrade equipment to process whey (cheese by-product) into a finished product. Before the sale took place, Ed Clouse stepped in and purchased the plant. The primary goal for Mr. Clouse was to have a local outlet for the quality milk produced in the area. The company re-opened after some renovations and started making cheese again on November 11, 2013.

2016 - multiple products

Penn Cheese was manufacturing Baby Swiss and other Swiss types. After the purchase in 2013 they began producing Cheddar, Muenster, Mozzarella, Jack Cheese, as well as different types of yogurt and butters. Their products were primarily sold under private labels, but they also had their premium Winfield Valley brand.

2018 - Penn Dairy

LTH Natural Foods LLC purchased Penn Cheese in July of 2018 and created Penn Dairy. Penn Dairy continues the Penn Cheese tradition by producing their award winning cheeses and will also expand their product line to include many additional dairy product offerings. Penn Dairy has made several expansions to this facility increasing its capabilities to produce a wide variety of high quality dairy products. One of Penn Dairy’s aims is to continue making significant plant improvements and focusing on sustainability.

the future

We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and personal approach, and strive to ensure we continue our tradition of producing high quality, award winning dairy products for years to come.